Saeida Halal Beauty is striving to provide Halal-certified beauty products in North America. We were established in 2020 in Southern California with a goal to provide new options for Muslim women safe, clean products that follow Islamic teachings. Our mission is to encourage clean natural beauty  that helps women glow on the inside and out. We believe it is important to understand what we are all putting on our skin, which is why we pride ourselves in offering natural products that are no harmful chemicals.
Halal usually refers to food, but it also applies to what is put on our skin and bodies. We are focusing on building a foundation that is meant to purify and keep our bodies clean as possible - both physically and spiritually.  Most brands we see available in stores and online use alcohol, animal by-products (i.e. gelatin, animal glycerin, lard, and animal fat) that are not permissible by Islamic law. We hope to be part of a pioneering group to make halal-certified products more accessible. 
Saeida Halal Beauty is made of two women, cousins who want Muslim women around the world to feel beautiful inside and out. We work to sell products that are both enjoyable to use and also follow the guidelines and teachings of what is defined as halal. We want our daughters, sisters, friends and family to be able to indulge while still being in harmony with Islamic guidelines, rules and practices. We kept that in mind before launching our own brand that includes a line of skincare, makeup and vitamin.
Our products are Halal certified and made in USA and Canada.
We should always be grateful by nurturing and maintaining God’s gift in a way that will make us happy inside and out. In shaa Allah.